As we form this site–excited about the opportunity to enthuse about and share our knowledge of Swift and AI in general–we are spooling up for a week of presenting at one of our favourite conferences, OSCON. In it’s 20th year in 2018, and back in the Portland we love, we are pleased to be speaking about games, AI and Swift in the same week.

This first talk, presented by Paris, Tim and I, will be presented on the last day of the conference. It will cover the basics and beauty of the Swift Language, as well as our love of Playgrounds, through a live-coding demo. To enhance the experience we have made available the take-home files–as well as the talk file once completed–on GitHub. The full video can also be watched on our Youtube page.

I am especially enthused about Playgrounds at the moment, given I was recently awarded a scholarship to WWDC for my Playgrounds submission on Procedural Terrain Generation and got to see a bunch of great content on Playgrounds, Playgrounds Books and Playgrounds subscriptions–on top of how much I and my fellow presenters use it to work through stuff in our daily lives.

If you are in attendance, please join us.


On top of a quick into to the Swift language and the benefits of learning and playing with Playgrounds overall, this talk’s content covers:

  • Types
  • Operators
  • Flow Control
  • Functions
  • Optionals
  • Structs, Classes and Enums
  • Protocols
  • I/O and Debugging … while discussing the language and environments’ strengths, weaknesses and conventions throughout.


This content was written by the authors named above, release for use under the MIT License.